Tulos Ventures | The old agency model is dead. We provide growth as a service.
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The old agency model is dead. We provide growth as a service.

What we do

We team up with businesses and ambitious brands that hunger for growth so bad they can taste it. You have a battle. We can help you win it. And the war. We provide growth as a service with insourcing and outsourcing options, and we provide funding for the best and the brightest.

Growth strategy

We help you create a marketing and growth strategy that works. An actionable and adaptive plan together with an organization that drives growth will help you win the battle. And the war.

Research & Intelligence

Get data-driven market insights, customer research and competitor analysis. We also provide digital marketing audits and best practice knowledge share.


We experiment constantly, helping us figure out new sources of growth. We’re data-driven and have an agile test-and-learn approach to user experience, marketing and growth.

Customer Acquisition

We are masters at orchestrating the whole marketing ecosystem. We optimize everything from marketing channel mix down to single touchpoints. We leverage automation and AI whenever they yield the highest ROI.


We offer training solutions, consulting and projects that fit your need. From single workshops to full scale training programs for marketing organizations.


We love what we do. Hockeystick growth and victorious battles give us kicks. We’re not going to lie - growth is our drug and it keeps us motivated every single day.

Startups. Scaleups. Grownups.

We work with

We team up with select eCom, SaaS and growth-minded B2B businesses

We love what we do

Our team


Agile CEO

Nicolas Fogelholm

Nico is a growth veteran with more than 15 years of experience in the business. Board memberships, strategies, coaching and hands on optimization of marketing channels. 


Agile Marketer

Toni Voutilainen

Toni is a seasoned digital marketing professional with a passion for experimenting and measuring.
He’s been in charge of investing close to 10 MEUR of clients’ money into Google Ads and converting it into more than 100 MEUR. It’s a good start.


Agile Marketer

Joonatan Turunen

Joonatan is a marketing professional with a strong vision for the online presence and development of brands.


Agile Marketer

Eeva-Lotta Viinikka

Eeva-Lotta has a passion for digital marketing strategies and in driving growth through understanding the end customer behavior.

Digital creativity unleashed

Our growth stories

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    Enough about us for now, we’d like to hear about you. Let's get in touch.

    Tulos Ventures Oy

    We provide growth consulting, recruiting and training with insourcing and outsourcing options.

    Our Office

    Salomonkatu 17 B (6. floor)
    00100 Helsinki, Finland.
    Puhelin: +358 50 5747381